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  • Can I make my own design or logo?
    Sure! If you already have a design or a logo you can email it to us. We also offer a free 15-minute design service to help you create a design if you don't have one, but have an idea you would like to put together.
  • How much is it to make Custom apparel?
    The pricing depends on a few different variants, such as: How many shirts you would like to order? How many colors in the design you would like to get printed? Will the printing be on 1 location of the shirt or multiple locations? How soon do you need the order? What type of garment would you like to print on? The easiest way to reduce the cost per item is to increase the quantity of your order and limiting your ink colors of the printing. If you can send us a detailed email to: ct.paramus@gmail with the order description, we will be able to get you an accurate quote including the time frame.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    The turnaround time depends on what you would like us to do. Printing one shirt will usually take about 15-30 minutes, while Printing 100 shirts can take about a week. If you can send us a detailed email to: ct.paramus@gmail with the order description, we will be able to get you an accurate quote including the time frame. During the peak season from Nov. 1st - Jan. 5th , our turnaround times might change.
  • Do you require a minimum quantity?
    There's no minimum quantity required. You can purchase one shirt or a thousand. No job is too small. No job is too big.
  • Can I bring my own clothes to print on?
    Sure! You can either use our garments or bring your own. Please note that while 99.5% of the orders will have no issues at all, once in a while something can go wrong and if one of our garments was used, we can make a new one, but we can't take responsibility and replace an item that you bring in.
  • Do you offer Bulk order options and discounts?
    Yes, we have many different options for all types of needs. We offer bulk prices for large orders. We also have a business program that is great for small businesses or customers that need small orders over time, in this program we will make prints of your design/logo, and it allows you to place the prints on different garments one at a time whenever you like.
  • Can I place an order online?
    Absolutely! Once you send us an email with information about what you would like to create, we will be able to send you a quote with a link to make an online deposit. After approving the quote, our design team will work on your design and email you a mock-up for you to approve or request changes.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship to all 50 states and some other countries as well. Once your order is ready we will check Package dimensions and weight and calculate the shipping cost of shipping to your location.
  • Why should I choose Custom T's?
    Unlike Amazon, Etsy, or other custom websites, at Custom T's, we don't have bots replying to emails. Instead, we have real live people whom you can talk to over the phone. You can also reach the owner for any issues or concerns. At Custom T's, you will find a team that genuinely cares and goes out of their way to ensure your order is perfect and always delivered ON TIME! We prioritize both the client experience and product quality. We strive to make ordering easy and personal. Additionally, we offer an in-person experience, so you are welcome to stop by at any time or reach a live person via phone or email. With our extensive product selection and experienced team, we can handle orders of any size while staying within your budget.

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